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2018 Colorado Vistage Executive Summit

Hosted in Denver Tuesday, May 22, 2018 7:00 a.m. - 1:45 p.m. PDT

Driving Dynamic Decisions

Executives are in the business of making decisions. Game-changing decisions. Make-or-break decisions. Decisions no one else can make.


You can’t see into the future. But you can improve your ability to make more effective decisions.

What is the Vistage Executive Summit?

A powerful event designed entirely for executives. Dynamic expert speakers leave you with insights to expand your perspectives, refine your instincts and improve your judgment – all of which will help you make better decisions. Peer-to-peer interactive breakout sessions will explore how to approach current challenges to uncover opportunities.

Attend the Vistage Executive Summit to:

  • Optimize your business. Uncover new opportunities using fresh perspectives from trusted experts.
  • Enhance your leadership. Sharpen your focus on the areas of greatest opportunity.
  • Lead with innovation. Bring a higher level of creativity and problem solving skills to your organization.


Event Speakers

Peter Sheahan

Founder and group CEO, Karrikins Group

Accelerated growth

It is imperative to grow faster today, than we did yesterday. What three critical questions should you be asking to ensure market relevance and position your organization for accelerated growth? This is just a glimpse of what Peter Sheahan will reveal, as he explores the keys to accelerating growth in your team and organization. Learn how to create a growth-enabled culture defined by innovation, excellence and accountability. Reflect on the critical role you play as leader, and leave prepared to inspire the appetite for intelligent risk-taking requisite to competing in today’s marketplace.

Jack Uldrich

Global futurist and bestselling author

The Big AHA: How to future-proof your business against tomorrow’s trends, today

In his presentation, Jack Uldrich will decipher the complexity of change. Beginning with the 12 trends business leaders must be aware of, and sharing how each will transform every facet of business, Jack will explore humility as a means of embracing the new. He will provide concrete actions and specific decision-making questions all leaders must ask themselves today, to create a successful tomorrow. According to Jack, the future is incredibly bright. To capture its full potential, a healthy belief in the “impossible” is necessary. Leave with frameworks to translate belief into action in your organization.


Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel

7:00 - 8:45 AM
Registration | Breakfast | Marketplace

7:15 - 8:15 AM
Breakfast Breakouts Construction Network |Manufacturing Network | Women in Leadership Network | Bradley-Morris | CapitalValue Advisors | AccountingDepartment.com

8:45 - 9:15AM
General Session with Networking Activity

9:15 - 9:45 AM
Member Awards Panel

9:45 - 10:45 AM
Jack Uldrich The Big AHA: How to future-proof your business against tomorrow’s trends, today

10:45 – 11:15 AM
Break | Marketplace

11:15 - 12:25 PM
Peter Sheahan Accelerated growth

12:25 - 12:30 PM
Summary Remarks

12:30 - 1:45 PM
Lunch Breakouts U.S. Trust | EKS&H Capital Advisors | Rockwood Equity Partners | Meritage Funds | Performance PI

12:30 - 1:45 PM
Experience Vistage Lunch

Breakout sessions

7:15 - 8:15 AM

Breakfast Breakout | Construction Network

No one understands your industry better than a peer who is also in it. Join us for an interactive morning networking session to meet other leaders in the local construction industry. Make new, strategic connections and share insights about what impacts your business. Breakfast provided. All attendees welcome. Start the conversation now: Join the Construction Network.

7:15 - 8:15 AM

Breakfast Breakout | Manufacturing Network

From hiring and sourcing to augmented reality, there are a lot of exciting changes that are impacting today’s manufacturing industry. Join us for a morning networking session to connect with other local manufacturing leaders. Forge valuable connections and share insights with peers who speak your language. Breakfast provided. All attendees welcome. Start the conversation now: Join the Manufacturing Network.

7:15 - 8:15 AM

Breakfast Breakout | Women in Leadership Network

Now more than ever, there is tremendous value in bringing female leaders together. Join us for a morning session to network and forge new relationships with local women to draw strength, inspiration and fresh perspectives around your business. Breakfast provided. All attendees welcome. Start the conversation now: Join the Women in Leadership Network.

7:15 - 8:15 AM

Breakfast Breakout | Learn How Great Deals Are Getting Done in Colorado

Presenter: Chris Younger, Managing Director, CVA, Vistage Member & David Tolson, Managing Director, CVA, Vistage Member

  • Learn about deals getting done right here in Colorado from the most active investment bank in Colorado - what’s working, what’s not working, and how to plan for your own transition
  • Discover how private equity evaluates companies (versus how entrepreneurs look at their own companies) and how this can impact your net worth
  • Develop a game plan for starting early - getting your story right, fixing value-damaging issues, enhancing those aspects of your business that uniquely add value, and preparing for tough due diligence
CVA has done over 20 transactions in Colorado in the last 36 months, representing over $500M in deal value, and has worked with several Vistage members, including SiteWise, Kyjen/Outward Hound, Motivity, BIG, Jones Heartz, and several others

7:15 - 8:15 AM

Breakfast Breakout | Tapping into the Veteran market to solve skilled worker shortages (and how to pay for it!)

Presenter: Craig Griffin, CBDO, Bradley-Morris & RecruitMilitary

Trouble finding enough qualified workers? Thousands of companies are hiring Veterans to help solve their hiring deficiencies. This presentation will discuss the makeup and qualifications of the Veteran talent pool and where those candidates typically fit into industry once they’ve separated from military service. Focus on how to identify talent for your organization, how to build a winning recruitment strategy and how to pay for it!
  • Reasons to hire Veterans and Demographics of the Veteran candidate market
  • Veteran skillsets and roles within industry where Veterans are great fits
  • Discussion of approaches in hiring Veterans
  • Discussion of WOTC (work opportunity tax credit) program and how to take advantage of these credits to help pay for veteran recruiting efforts.

7:15 - 8:15 AM

Breakfast Breakout | Outsourced Accounting Departments: No Longer “Alternative”

Presenter: Bill Gerber, AccountingDepartment.com, Co-Founder

Now is the time to stop thinking of outsourced accounting departments as an “alternative option”. As mainstream as internal departments, outsourced accounting departments are so much more than their historical stereotypes—and businesses that are moving to this model routinely find they are more competitive, strategic and agile. Learn why outsourcing isn’t “alternative” and how your company can leverage this knowledge to stay ahead of the competition.

12:30 - 1:45 PM

Lunch Breakout | M&A Strategies for Today’s Market

Presenter: EKS&H CA Panel: Industry Experts

Seasoned panelists relate their recent experiences on:
  • Today’s market conditions and how they are effecting transaction success
  • Strategies for successful preparation and execution from dealmakers in the trenches
  • Evolving regulations and how to use them to your advantage in M&A

12:30 - 1:45 PM

Lunch Breakout | The Envelope: Bringing it all together: strategy, succession and you

Presenter: Executives from U.S. Trust

Your business represents years of sweat and sacrifice. Not only does the business provide the financial resources to support your family, but also, it supports your employees and their families, and it contributes to the stability and growth of your community. How would your company continue to operate if a personal health issue or untimely accident occurs and prevents you from leading the company? What actions would your management team and family need to take to successfully transition leadership of the company?: In this session you will:
  • Learn actions you can take to address the issue of a possible leadership gap which also represent strong business practices to help your company always be prepared for a transition.
  • Discover focus areas to consider as you develop a plan and avoid potential pitfalls.
  • Hear examples of how other business owners have dealt with these issues.

12:30 - 1:45 PM

Lunch Breakout | Transcendent Hiring

Presenter: Executive from Performance PI

As a leader, the single most important job you have is getting the right people into the right roles. Yet according to research, 46% of all new hires fail in the first 18 months. In this session, we unpack some of the reasons why we’re so bad at hiring. But more importantly, we’ll give you new ways to think about hiring and actionable ways to drastically improve your game when it comes to finding, assessing and closing the candidates that will allow your business to thrive.

12:30 - 1:45 PM

Lunch Breakout | Are you Running Your Business or is Your Business Running You?

Presenter: Jay Tankersley, EOS Implementer, Meritage Strategy Group

In our 35+ years of investing institutional capital (venture capital / private equity), we have found one common element, above all others, that determines your success – the Company’s ability to embed its strategy (it’s who, why, what, where and how) into its operations. We will cite examples, introduce tools and show how anyone can begin operationalizing their strategy the next day.

12:30 - 1:45 PM

Lunch Breakout | Does it Matter To Whom I Sell My Business? - The Dynamics of Partnering with Private Equity

Presenter: Joe Merrill, Partner, Rockwood Equity Partners

For many small and mid-sized businesses succession planning is a daunting task and many times results in the decision to sell all or part of the business. For owners, in addition to the hurdle of finding the right advisor(s), it could be as difficult to vet the potential buyers / financial partners for the business they have built. Middle-market private equity firms are a natural buyer / financial partner for many companies, but the opaque nature of how they operate creates a level of angst when entering into negotiations and partnering with such groups. Join us for this lunch time panel discussion to dispel some of the unknown.



Executives are in the business of making decisions.