What Happens Inside a Vistage Peer Advisory Group Meeting

Take 5 minutes to see how (and why) the process works.

At the very heart of the Vistage experience is the confidential peer advisory group. Once a month, CEOs and business owners meet with a 12-16 peers from non-competing companies.

Each meeting is led by a Vistage Chair, an accomplished business leader who serves as an executive mentor and facilitates the discussion. In this meeting, group members tackle their biggest challenges and opportunities, vet ideas, test assumptions and uncover their blind spots. Essentially, they help one another make better decisions that lead to better results.

The Chair uses Vistage’s proprietary process to keep the conversation focused and productive, ultimately holding each member accountable for their best next step forward.

Note: During the pandemic, meetings are taking place online, but follow the same proven process honed over 60 years of working with 100,000+ CEOs.

About Vistage

Vistage is the world’s largest CEO coaching and peer advisory organization for small and midsize businesses. Over 60 years of coaching 100,000+ business leaders, we’ve honed an approach to decision-making that has helped members grow their companies 2.2X the rate of industry average. It’s the same approach our members used to grow their companies 5.8x faster during the Great Recession, while other businesses struggled to stay afloat or were forced to close.

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