Want agility? Create peer advantage

Why future-minded business leaders bank on agility and peer advantage

The only competitive advantage that has any permanence is agility, says Mike Richardson, business agility thought leader and Vistage Chair. That is what will help business leaders stay ahead of their competition, navigate disruption and volatility, and capitalize on opportunities. In other words, agility is how you future-proof your business.

However, to build a culture of agility CEOs, executives and their teams must interact with each other at whole different levels. There must be transparency, safety and accountability – the same critical factors that sit at the heart of “peer advantage.” Peer advantage, as outlined in The Power of Peers, explains how you leverage the collective wisdom of a diverse set of leaders to create a superior vantage point for meeting challenges and identifying future opportunities.

Leo Bottary, co-author of The Power of Peers, sat down with Mike to talk about the intersection of agility and peer advantage, and those who reap the benefit.