The Benefits of Social Media for Small Businesses

I read an article on August 8 on HubSpot’s blog entitled 64 percent of Small Businesses Don’t Consider Social Media Important. I was shocked to see such a large number of businesses either:

  • Felt social media wasn’t necessary to their success,
  • Didn’t know enough about it, or
  • Had no opinion at all.

The article, written by Pamela Vaughan, goes on to note that 50% of those surveyed stated that word-of-mouth recommendations were absolutely essential to their business. There are many benefits of social media for small businesses. She points out the obvious disconnect: If word-of-mouth is so important to the business and you couldn’t live without it, why are you not involved in social media?

Here’s my story about social media. I’m heavily involved in social media — I couldn’t live without it for my small business. Through social media I have been able to do significant branding and marketing of my business. Without social media’s reach, I couldn’t connect with such a large network of other businesses and individuals.

Social media also enables me to share my knowledge and expertise with others through participating in discussions and other conversations. It also enables me to keep track of what’s important to those clients I serve in my business, and to let them know what I see happening within their industry from my perspective.

I was talking with another small business owner the other day who told me she was finding it hard to keep up with social media. Meaning — how do you find the time to interact on social media channels every day? And, without a doubt, it is an everyday job. Much like blocking time to work on client projects, reach out to potential new clients, and manage the operations of my business, I also block out time to interact on social media.

Consider it marketing for your business — because that’s what it is. Just as you take time to reach out to potential customers for your business, manage projects with current customers, and pay your bills, take the time to market your business — there’s no better “word-of-mouth” marketing than through social media. Interact with others and get them sharing information about you and your business. You’ll find the effort you put into it will pay off! It’s worked wonders for my business!

By the way, the article also enables you to download a free eBook: 99 Tools to Help You Generate Leads with Social Media. Go ahead, check it out and get started today!

Gina Abudi is president of Abudi Consulting Group, LLC, providing strategy around projects, process, people and technology to businesses of all sizes. Gina can be reached via her website:
Originally published: Sep 11, 2011

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