Online Business Week in Review: Andrew Breitbart and LinkedIn Founder

As an online business week in review, we cover Andrew Breitbart and the LinkedIn founder.

Business, politics, and the media all converged to mourn political commentator and online entrepreneur Andrew Breitbart, who passed away in Los Angeles at the age of 43.

Called the “spiritual leader of the modern conservative, libertarian cause,” Breitbard’s popularity reached from the Limbaugh Nation all the way over to the Huffington Post.

But more than his political perspectives, Breitbart will be remembered for his online business success. After helping create the now-dominant Huffington Post, he soon launched many of his own websites, ranging from news sites and political blogs, that heavily influenced political discussion and news gathering over the past few years.

“Breitbart was one of the first on the conservative side that really did understand what the Internet could do for the conservative movement and was certainly able to harness that,” said Eric Boehlert of Media Matters for America.

The Business of Hustling

Breitbart was a visionary, a business builder. With his multiple media sites and aggressive approach, it’s certain that he was taking a big-picture, entrepreneurial long view. He was an entrepreneur, not a hustler — at least, according to one recent definition.

In an article for, Dan Sfera lays out the differences between hustlers and entrepreneurs. “First of all, hustlers lack any real long term vision. … A person who flips real estate is a hustler, the person who owns apartments and collects cash flow is an entrepreneur.

“Most entrepreneurs were (and actually still are) hustlers, they just evolved and converted their hustle into a system that can attract other hustlers to work in for them,” Sfera explains.

“Making the next sale is what is important to a hustler, building a company and leading his team is what the entrepreneur is focused on. The entrepreneur builds the system that the hustler works in.”

Are You the ‘Entrepreneur of Your Own Life’?

Speaking of online entrepreneurship, LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman gave a speech in which he explained how social media can make you “the entrepreneur of your own life”.

How many online connections do you have? How many are you capable of? Remember, “you are the company you keep,” so the people in your network reflect directly on you.

If you have a healthy online business network, you have use it for a sounding board for advice on business or investment matters, or other items of importance where an expert opinion is always welcome. Get more details on Hoffman’s speech here.
Originally published: Mar 2, 2012

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