No Lack of Talent: Creating Your Company Culture

By Hugh Stewart

“There is no lack of great talent, there is simply a lack of vision by business owners as they design their businesses.” — Dan Taylor

As your business grows, employees need to be hired. And finding the right people for the right job begins with the owner of the business. Before you can expect to attract the best, it is important to explore these questions:

  1. Who are you as a company?
  2. What is your vision for your company?
  3. What is special about the way you run your company?
  4. Why should great talent be attracted to you?

Remember that every position you hire is a vital part of your business. It does not matter if you are hiring a senior manager or a part-time contractor, a full-time administrative assistant or even a virtual assistant. Your business should ensure that each new hire is aligned with the overall vision of the business.

And to do that, you have to be able to accurately describe your company’s culture. A big part of leadership — whether you’re an owner or a manager — is the culture you create for your team. Entrepreneurs can have an absolutely clear vision about their business, and still fail to fully understand the working environment experienced by the people they employ.

For example, in the particular business I owned, I endeavored to create a culture where employees were allowed to ask questions, to challenge decisions, and to express their creativity from anywhere in the organization to anyone in the organization. In this culture, the lowest-placed employees’ ideas and creative input were just as important as those of the highest.

But this type of cultural environment comes at a price: People do not necessarily respect the status quo, and there is little sense of reverence or seniority. I preferred to create an environment where information flowed freely, where the best people got the best pay and got the best promotions, rather than a system based on tenure.

My cultural preference may not be the choice that best suits your business or your style. Regardless, it is still essential to discover and understand the driving factors of how people work together in your company. Then, you can best decide whether that culture is working for you. Is it an environment that inspires people’s best results? And if it is not, what can you do to rectify that?

Hugh Stewart, founder and CEO of Confident Solutions Coach, has both a substantial education background and diverse entrepreneurial background. Stewart was not only a nuclear fuel designer, but he has created and operated more than 17 businesses in the past 10 years in industries such as money services, real estate, advertising, reinsurance consulting, and coaching.

Stewart seeks to help business owners who are struggling or simply wish to move their business to the next level. You can reach him at, or sign up for a free business consultation here
Originally published: Sep 21, 2011

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