Moving Toward a Mobile Workforce

By Chris Seppala

Editor’s Note: Chris Seppala, Chief Technology Officer for LinkSource Technologies, chimes in with answers to three burning questions regarding IT and mobile solutions.

Q: How do I keep up with changing Technology?

A: With the information technology evolution gaining speed, more and more mobile solutions are available for organizations looking to provide greater accessibility to their workforce worldwide. Keeping track of the latest technology can be challenging.

LinkSource Technologies is a leading technology services company that focuses on cloud, voice and data, and mobility solutions. It’s my job to keep track of the latest technology, and I choose to stay ahead of the curve by attending training courses that provide certifications in various technologies.

In addition, I find the following resources to be helpful:

  • Subscribing to magazines and trade publications;
  • Sitting on advisory councils (e.g., Microsoft IT Advisory Council – MITAC);
  • Partnering with leaders (, Rackspace, Datapipe, etc.);
  • Reading books;
  • Signing up for mailing lists to receive up-to-date information;
  • Using the Web to source new articles.

Q: Should employees choose their own mobile equipment? Should companies regulate this in any way?

A: My company currently allows employees the ability to BYOD (bring your own device) for mobile phones, tablets, and so on. However, we have a policy in place for attaching these devices to the network, and what they do with these devices, etc.

For PCs, we regulate and standardize what machines are used for work and what are done with those devices (whether they’re taken off-site or not, etc.). We are working on MDM solutions in order to more effectively control our BYOD situation, but our security policies currently address the following questions:

  • What happens to the data when an employee leaves the company?
  • What about lost or stolen devices?
  • How is a device configured to receive and transmit corporate data?
  • What types of passwords are acceptable to use?
  • What types of encryption standards are acceptable?
  • What types of devices are allowed, and what types are not?
  • What about jail-broken, rooted or compromised devices?

Q: What are my options to support ALL equipment — security, etc. — software listed in the session (and I am sure much more). From a budget side, what can I afford — what are the costs?

A: LinkSource only supports devices supplied by the company. Any support for devices that are brought in by the employee is “best effort” only. Any employees that work remotely require VPN access to access our network.

Chris Seppala is chief technology officer for LinkSource Technologies. With more than 15 years’ experience in the technology industry, Chris is responsible for managing LinkSource’s technology, development, systems and architecture decisions. He is responsible for the LinkSource Cloud Computing initiative and service offering and holds the following IT certifications: Hadoop, CIW, Server +, Inet +, Security + and Network +.
Originally published: Sep 17, 2012

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