How to Tackle Issues in the Healthcare Industry

By Nathan Denny and Scott Axelrod

Session Recap: Vistage’s Industry Series tackled the healthcare industry in this specially focused session.


An executive wants to know: How do I determine my potential value in the world of consumer-directed healthcare? How can I learn more about the relevancy and opportunity for consumer-driven healthcare to be a driving force in flattening the cost curve, and find my role within that world?

1.  Initial Suggestions / Solutions

  • Networking, networking, networking!
  • Test out Vistage; research and network with other companies in the CDH space; join industry groups on LinkedIn; try out a personal health record; lecture at a local university.

2.  Round 1: Clarifying Questions (Background/Understanding)

  • What’s your priority — being  an influencer/teacher, or running a business?
  • Have you taken any assessments (such as StrengthFinders) to identify your dominant traits?
  • How would YOU like to contribute to this goal? What do you want to accomplish in specific terms?
  • Are you comfortable not knowing what the answer is?

3.  Re-stated Issue

How can I build a business plan that leverages my wisdom in a way that solves problems for others but is also aligned with my own personal and professional sources of happiness?

4.  Round 2: Suggestions (Solutions)

  • Become a speaker for Vistage
  • Clarify who you want to serve and what impact do you want to have.
  • Talk to those that you’ve worked with – ask them what your expertise is?
  • Spend time narrowing down your focus on what you’d like to do.

5.  Sources Referenced:

Here’s a sample of some of the sources recommended to help this executive with his stated issue:

6.  Action Plan

The results are in! This CEO has committed to:

  • More fully identify my traits and interests based on this session’s feedback;
  • Examine the websites shared in this session; and (above all)
  • FOCUS! … and find the right niche.

Session date: Apr 17, 2012
Originally published: Apr 19, 2012

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