Demand For Cloud Computing Experts ‘Stratospheric’

Yet another challenge has emerged to face U.S. employers, and especially managers of small businesses. In today’s tech-heavy business setting, the difficulty of finding “experienced cloud talent” is becoming a problem.

That may represent an opportunity to IT pros, but it’s more likely to be a burden to CEOs who must face a situation where there’s much more demand than supply (and who are, for once, sitting on the unprofitable side of that equation.

“Two factors are driving this trend,” writes InfoWorld‘s David Linthicum, who describes the demand for cloud computing jobs as “stratospheric.”

“First, money is finally freeing up in IT budgets, and the dollars are being directed at cloud computing. Second, the hype has led to real projects that need real people, so companies are now staffing up for those efforts.”

It’s true: According to a survey by Wanted Analytics, almost 2,500 companies seeked cloud computing candidates over a given 90-day period last year.

“Moreover, hiring demand increased by 61 percent year over year for cloud-savvy IT people. Tech-heavy San Francisco and San Jose topped the search for cloud experts; New York and … Washington, D.C., display healthy cloud job growth as well.”

But we all already knew the demand would be there; the tech experts at Vistage have been predicting a surge of demand for cloud services over the past year. The trouble is the supply. A relatively small amount of IT prospects have the profound understanding and expertise for cloud computing.

Linthicum presents this situation as analogous to the rise of the Internet, and the personal computer before that. Still, that may not be enough to reassure CEOs more concerned with scaling out their operations this year based on an in-demand technology for which there are too few experts.

What do you think? What’s been your experience recruiting cloud computing talent in your business? Sound off in the comments and share your thoughts and experiences with the rest of the Vistage CEO community.
Originally published: Jan 18, 2012

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