10 Tips for Creating an Engaging Blog

There’s no one secret to a creating a great blog that promotes your brand and makes your customer more loyal. Building a great blog requires incremental steps. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your company blog:

Determine the purpose of your blog
What do you want to get out of your blog? Do you want to get press coverage, get other bloggers to notice you, build your brand, add keywords to your site, get potential customers involved in what you are doing or just vent about a topic? Do you want your blog to go viral on social media? It’s not easy to accomplish all of those goals with one blog. First determine your goal, then create a blog strategy that helps you achieve that goal.

Keep your audience in mind
Keep the blog focused on subjects that your readers care about. Write on the topics they like. Write in a voice they like to read. Engage them as you would in a real-world situation.

Comment on hot topics in your industry
Comment on other articles or industry topics of interest to your readers. There are always hot items in the news that relate to your industry or niche. By commenting on those topics, your make your posts more inviting to readers.

Don’t be afraid to have an opinion
Make strong points and put your opinion out there. This doesn’t mean that you should formulate a ridiculous opinion just to drive traffic and get noticed. Say what you really think. Be yourself and your blog will shine.

Write like you talk
Blogs tend to be informal, which is nice. No one wants to decode incredibly elaborate and dense vocabulary. Make your points easy to understand, give your writing a natural flow, and don’t be afraid to crack a joke every now and then.

Add keywords
If you infuse your blog with keywords it will help your SEO efforts and help people find the blog online. If you use an online blog hosting solution, place your keywords in the “meta keyword” area, in “title” box and throughout the text. Don’t go keyword crazy. Too much repetition of keywords can diminish the quality of your content.

Add pictures or video
Everyone likes to look at pictures or watch videos, so why not put a few in your blog? Spend a few dollars on an istock image or throw a quick video on your site. Not only will your users like it, so will the search engines.

Let your readers add comments
Make sure to have comments area where your readers can share their thoughts and engage with you and your brand. Always respond quickly and positively to your reader’s comments.

Promote your blog
After you write each blog post, don’t expect people to find it on their own. Google will most likely index it in a few days and send a visitor or two. But there’s plenty you can do on your own.

Promote your blog in social media outlets like Twitter, Linkedin, Digg, StumbleUpon, Facebook, Technorati, etc. Or draft a press release based on the blog post and send that release to free press release distribution sites. Just remember to link the release back to the blog. Let other bloggers know about your blog. Promote, promote, promote! That’s how people find your content.

Use strong titles
In today’s online space people’s attention span is shorter than ever. Make sure your title is eye catching and gives a good indication of what the post will be about. Also, if you write a longer blog, make sure to title each individual section so readers can quickly navigate to the area they are interested in.

Blogging is an art and becoming a good blogger can take time. Not every post becomes viral or gets great traffic. Keep at it and you’ll accomplish your blogging goals.

John Lincoln is an Internet marketer, writer and creative consultant based in San Diego. You can find more info at www.jlinecreative.com.