Vistage Chair Steve Sheiner launches new chief executive group in San Diego

San Diego, December 4, 2014— Vistage Regional Executive Saundra Johnson recently announced that Chair Steve Sheiner has launched a new chief executive group in the San Diego, CA market. Sheiner is joining a community of 15 local Chairs, and more than 400 worldwide, whose groups of CEOs, executives, and business owners meet monthly to process pressing business issues and opportunities. In his new group, Sheiner will lead the discussion while holding members accountable for following through and taking action. More than 330 San Diego-area executives – as well as 21,000 members around the world – rely on Vistage Private Advisory Boards to get the most out of their businesses.

Vistage Regional Executive Saundra Johnson applauded his success: “Congratulations to Steve Sheiner and the launch of the newest San Diego-area Vistage chief executive group. The members of Steve’s group are fortunate to be a crucial part of an amazing Vistage experience with a leader such as Steve!”

Steven Sheiner is a serial entrepreneur with deep experience building and running companies in a variety of industries including home improvements, advertising and the internet. Under his direction, as one of the founders group at, he was responsible for creating three business units and generating over $120 million in sales in their first year as a public company. Sheiner has a BA in Political Science and Economics from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.

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