Vistage Chair Frank Solomon launches new private advisory board for chief executives in Minneapolis

San Diego, March 26, 2015— Vistage Chair Frank Solomon has recently launched a new chief executive group in the Minneapolis, MN market. The new Vistage members will meet monthly to discuss business issues, share expertise, and provide one another confidential help to achieve their goals. Solomon is part of a community of more than 800 Chairs worldwide who lead local area groups, which total more than 21,000 members in 16 countries.

Vistage Regional Executive Dave Bartel applauded his success: “From our first conversation in September 2014 when Frank wanted to learn more about Vistage, to his launch date of March 26th he has demonstrated being a Chair! Strong listening skills, thoughtful and challenging questions and the willingness to trust the process. Recently Frank said something to me that was the WOW factor. To paraphrase Frank he said ‘Dave, you told me building a group would be hard work and you are right! It is! What I didn’t realize was the great responsibility I have to my members who trust me and share things with me that I don’t believe they have shared with anyone else in this way…….. and I haven’t even completed the group yet! What an important role the Chair has in these people’s lives, I am honored to be here. Congratulations Frank!’”

For almost thirty years, Frank has created and grown companies ranging from startups. He founded to Fortune 200 members. His experience over these years has been exclusively as CEO or in C-level positions. The common tread in all these experiences are the instincts and motivations of an entrepreneur where survival depends on strategic and market insights, an executable business plan, focused and rapid implementation, the ability to pivot quickly when presented with new intelligence or expanded market opportunities, and the skill to communicate the company’s vision to customers, employees and investors. As a Vistage Chair, Frank takes a great degree of personal satisfaction in assisting fellow CEOs and business owners in navigating the issues they face as they grow their companies. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois and an MBA from the Haas School at the University of California, Berkeley.

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