A Virtual Group That Fits Your Needs and Your Schedule


A Vistage Connect membership enables you to interact with the best and brightest minds in the industry. You’ll access unbiased advice and actionable ideas that lead to results; learn from the experiences of your peers; and grow your business through this online membership opportunity.

Vistage Connect combines the simplicity and speed of an online network with the core benefits of Vistage membership: facilitated monthly private advisory group meetings, one-to-one executive coaching with an expert Vistage Chair, and online access to the more than 21,000 Vistage members worldwide. Designed to provide flexible group and private virtual meetings that fit your needs and your schedule, the Vistage Connect program can help you evaluate opportunities, gain new perspectives and discover a renewed sense of direction.

With a Vistage Connect membership, you’ll receive:

  • Placement in a virtual group of eight to 12 experienced business leaders from  a variety of industries who share the same goal of overcoming challenges  within their businesses
  • Monthly two-hour web conferences with your group, expertly facilitated by your Vistage Chair
  • Monthly private one-to-one sessions with your Chair via the Connect virtual platform
  • Access to fresh perspectives, insightful opinions, and smart ideas 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Unlimited webinars from subject matter experts, available exclusively for Connect members as well as members-only Fridays with Vistage webinars, featuring thought-leaders like Daniel Pink, Liz Wiseman and John Gerzema
  • Access to the worldwide Vistage community via My Vistage, the Member Marketplace, local events and international conferences

…And it’s all just a click away without having to leave the office.

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