When more than 20,000 executive leaders need advice, they turn to their private advisory group.

Every month, our members meet in person to tackle their most pressing business issues. A 2015 analysis by Dun & Bradstreet revealed that companies that joined Vistage over the past five years grew at three times the rate of average U.S. companies.

Whether you’re looking for inspiring discussions with other successful executives, considering how business advisory groups in your organization can impact your business, or want the benefits of an online community, Vistage has developed an issue processing protocol designed to help you create your own solutions and put them into action.

Jeffrey Bershad, Vistage member since 2006, talks about his experience as a CEO in the Wholesale Trade industry.

“I took my business from 8 employees, including three family members, to a team of 80 people, and together we have increased our revenues more than 10 times. In addition to high performance, our company has also became a more fun and dynamic place to work. As a CEO, I learned that if I want to be doing something different in five years, that I need different ideas, and Vistage has been a great incubator of new ideas and challenges that have allowed us to grow.”

Benefits of Vistage:

  • Monthly meeting with other, non-competing, business leaders
  • Chairs who give you vital perspectives you need to overcome obstacles
  • Guidance and wisdom of peers
  • Expert speakers
  • Exclusive events and conferences, industry- and topic-based Networks
  • Private online portal

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