Your groups grow stronger with every new member and every new perspective.

Your members have the power to create, shape and enhance the support they receive from their Vistage group. The "Ideal Group" is an exercise to help bring a stronger peer group to the table, with more diversity, points of view, and out-of-the-box thinking.

Qualified CE, SB and Key member candidates that join through this program (May 1, 2014 – July 31, 2014) are eligible to receive an enrollment fee waiver.

Who’s missing? Nominate Today!

After facilitating the Ideal Group exercise in your May group meetings, you and your members will collectively identify potential member candidates. We encourage Chairs to nominate those referrals who would bring greater richness, diversity, and industry representation into your Ideal Group.

The Ideal Group Exercise Works:
Vistage Chairs Share Their Success Stories


"If you ask for just a referral, it's too broad of a question. If you ask someone if they know anyone in manufacturing, for example, that's easier for them to answer. The Ideal Group is a great mind-jogging exercise that helps members to better gauge and identify the true traits wanted in a member candidate for a strong referral."

Patricia Allgood
Vistage Chair
Atlanta, GA



"The feedback I got from doing the Ideal Group exercise is that it made members feel like it was more about finding the right fit for them and solidifying their experience, as opposed to just helping me get new members for the group."

Virginia Knudsen
Vistage Chair
Las Vegas, NV


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