Help shape the Chair community

The best Chair candidates come from within the Vistage community.

From its founding, Vistage’s unique community was built one by one, Chair by Chair, member by member, and speaker by speaker through our strong culture of referral. This culture continues to strengthen our community with every new Chair, member and speaker.

You know what it takes to become a great Chair. And, you understand the impact that great Chairs have on our entire community: extending the value of Vistage to more members and helping them achieve more than they ever imagined possible. As you encounter business leaders in your network, former members, colleagues or classmates who possess strong business acumen, high EQ, and a passion for helping others, we would ask you to consider if they might add incredible value to our community by becoming a Vistage Chair.

As a former Vistage Chair, you can continue to have an enormous impact on our community through your nominations. Invite someone you know to become a Vistage Chair today.

Please take a few moments to fill out the form and we will reach out to your potential Chair candidate. If you have any questions, please call 800.589.0531.  

Commission structure for qualified Chair nominations.

Chair nomination commissions

$2,000 Completion of Chair Academy
$2,000 Launch first group
$4,000 TOTAL

*Chair Academy consists of four complete weeks of learning


Vistage works because of our Chairs.

Chair Nominations

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