Director, Learning and Development

With more than 21,000 members, Vistage Worldwide is the world’s foremost chief executive leadership organization, providing unparalleled access to new ideas and fresh thinking through monthly peer workshops, one-on-one business coaching, speaker presentations from hundreds of top industry experts, social networking and an extensive online content library of articles, best practices, podcasts and webinars.

Today, Vistage Worldwide and its global affiliates operate in 16 countries. Members meet in small groups every month under the same guiding principles—to help one another make better decisions, achieve better results, and enhance their lives. They’re also connect and collaborate online, tapping into a vast content library, and learning from hundreds of top industry speakers.

Vistage-member companies outperform their competitors and, on average, grow their revenues at three times the percentage growth rate after joining Vistage.


Oversee and direct Vistage’s learning and development for Chairs.  Strategize the curriculum development, acquisition and delivery, and continuously improve and leverage Vistage’s learning and development resources for the acquisition/retention of members and Chairs.


The areas of concentration for this position are:

  • Designing and continuously improving the architecture and content of Vistage’s learning and development activities for Chairs– 50%
  • Leading the curation of content and resources for Vistage’s regional and international Chair and member conferences – 25%
  • Overseeing and facilitating the delivery of development events – 15%

Design the architecture and content of learning and development – 50%

  • Understand Vistage’s business challenges and goals and strategize how curriculum and the delivery of development resources for members and Chairs plays into the achievement of company revenue and profitability objectives
  • Lead efforts to expand breadth of learning opportunities using blended learning modalities
  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of current training content and learning delivery systems on an ongoing basis
  • Benchmark learning and development delivered by competitive companies and alternate delivery methods (on-line, college courses, certificate courses, etc.).  Recommend strategies for keeping Vistage ahead of the competition in terms of quality, timeliness, ease of access and cost-effectiveness.
  • Stay abreast of state-of-the-art management philosophies and techniques that enable CEO’s and other C-level executives to make better decisions and obtain better business results.  Incorporate these philosophies and techniques into development events to keep them fresh and relevant.
  • Design the curriculum architecture and content for first-year and subsequent-year Chair training and development.  Ensure development is a continuous and progressive process for Chairs regardless of their tenure.  Ensure that Chairs stay current, stay sharp and continue to offer unique and compelling value to their members.
  • Design cost-effective delivery strategies for Chair development.  Source and orient presenters, as necessary.  Budget for needed resources.
  • Research “make versus buy” decisions regarding curriculum development and acquisition in light of resource availability, quality, cost and time-to-market considerations.  Partner with training resource providers as necessary and prudent.
  • Design specific training curricula, lesson plans and content of training classes using sound instructional development techniques.  Develop “train the trainer” materials for Chairs to use with members
  • Assess evaluations received from Chairs on a real-time basis with the objective of continually improving the quality of learning and development offered by Vistage

Curate and develop content and resources for learning activities – 25%

  • Manage the curation of best practice tools and resources across the Chair community
  • Work with the Chief Operations Officer, Chief Human Resources Officer and the Chief Marketing Officer to plan content and recruit presenters/speakers for the regional and international Vistage conferences for members and Chairs
  • Ensure that all events at the conferences enhance the training and development of Chairs.  Ensure that the various conference attendees experience meaningful and enriching sessions that are delightfully entertaining
  • Grow conference attendance year over year and increase the return on investment

Oversee and assist in facilitation of the delivery of development events and activities – 15%

  • Participate in the presentation of development activities to the Chair community, for both new Chairs and existing Chairs.
  • Supervise, critique and coach other learning event presenters.  Ensure that every presenter is top-notch
  • Conduct “train the trainer” courses for those who deliver Vistage development events.


  • 7+ years leading a management development curriculum planning and design effort focused on C-level business management topics and trainees.
  • At least 5 years of hands-on experience with curriculum architecture, training class content development, learning material and blended learning design, “train the trainer” certification, and classroom instruction to adults in a business setting.
  • Must be skilled in instructional design techniques and the development of learning according to objectives and desired learning outcomes. Must have a proven track record in developing and refreshing learning and development curriculum and content at the grass-roots level.
  • Must be an artful and captivating presenter as demonstrated in at least five years of stand-up training delivery and/or conference speaking.
  • A proven track record in selecting, partnering and rewarding strategic training resource providers.
  • Must possess an avid appetite for new management philosophies and techniques and the ability to glean those with the most traction and applicability for today’s business leaders.
  • A “roll-up-the-sleeves” type who can operate with a very lean staff and can develop training as an individual contributor.
  • Excellent customer orientation, including an understanding of the advantages of partnering and alliance building both internal and external to the company.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • A demonstrated passion for success and record of achievement.
  • Effective written and oral communication/interaction skills. Able to articulate the company’s technology vision, strategy and tactical plans to customers, business partners and the investment and analyst community.
    • A strong work ethic with evidence of meeting or exceeding stated goals. Not only meets standards but creates their own standards of high performance.
    • Demonstrable business acumen and emotional intelligence as evidenced by prior results.
    • Sophisticated communication skills to simultaneously achieve corporate growth objectives and satisfy diverse needs of community—members, Chairs, speakers, and staff.
    • Personality profile of thought-leader who is capable of building a team and a culture of effective collaboration, efficient teamwork, intelligent risk-taking, personal connection/caring, entrepreneurial spirit, and authentic embodiment of our core values. Open to and generator of new ideas and agility to implement the best ones.
    • Strong PC skills required, including proficiency in all Microsoft Office packages including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.


  • Visionary/True North, Creative
  • Servant Leader
  • Effectively Communicates, Vision, Mission & Goals
  • Strategic, Conceptual & Tactical Ability
  • Personal Integrity & Character
  • Self-disciplined, Sense of Urgency – A Doer
  • Team Player, Independent yet Supportive
  • High Level of Industry, Company & Product Knowledge
  • Professional Presence and Manner
  • Above all: A Results-Oriented Inspirational Cheerleader


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in business administration, instructional design or adult/secondary education. Master’s degree preferred.