2016 Vistage Hackathon presented by the Technology Network

This event is closed.

New product. Struggling division. New business line or sector. Digital re-haul. System automation.

If you have an innovative concept or a sticky challenge to move forward in your business, the Vistage Hackathon event gives you the opportunity to develop a concrete, visualized game plan with the help of a multi-talented SWAT team.

What is the Vistage Hackathon?

The Vistage Hackathon* is a full-day interactive event for business leaders, regardless of industry, that would like to tackle or work through a business idea or challenge. Team up with the support of a dedicated developer, designer, and your Vistage peers to synthesize ideas and create traction and action through visualized solutions.

At the end of the session, you will have the opportunity to pitch your project to the group and hear from other teams. The best overall presentation will be awarded.

How it works:

1) Start with Innovation Training to Prepare Yourself: Learn real tactics about the innovation process, innovation principles, and innovative culture.

2) Run an Innovation Sprint to move your ideas forward: You’ll get help from your Hackathon team on your specific opportunity or problem with technical, design, and business talent, using a 3 step innovation process: 1) Ideation alone 2) Open collaboration with team 3) Evaluation and voting on the best ideas. In this process, you get help solving your challenge with a designer and a developer on your team, along with the business consulting from your Vistage peers.

3) Develop Innovation Visualization & Synthesis: Create traction & action, where you’ll work on a presentation with the help of your team, so that you can synthesize and visualize plans.

4) Learn from Everyone’s Challenges and Visualized Solutions: Share your presentation deck and learn from a dozen others.

Do I need to be ‘techy’ to attend?

No! The Vistage Hackathon is for business leaders across all industries who would like to work through a business idea. A dedicated designer and developer will be on-hand to help bring your ideas to life.

Start connecting before you attend: Join the Vistage Technology Network today!

Contact Technology Network Curator, Kelsie Pallanck.