Vistage Executive Summit hosted in Orange County, CA

Explore the Future. Unleash Your Potential.

Exploring a range of topics – from developing “weapons-grade” branding to finding the courage to act on your dreams in business and beyond – the Vistage Executive Summit in Orange County will equip you with a plan to meet head-on the many challenges and opportunities you may encounter leading up to the year 2020.

This event will help you create a clear, strategic vision for your company over the next five years – and develop a solid action plan to get there. The day’s speakers will cover actionable topics including aligning your team behind a focused mission, unleashing your business’ potential with a thriving company culture, and leveraging technologies and upcoming trends – while optional breakout sessions bring additional opportunities to tap into unused resources. Focused on the theme of, “Leading with 2020 vision,” the Vistage Executive Summit will provide you with the tools to lead your company into the future. You’ll leave equipped to innovate and ultimately prosper in a fast-changing global economy.

Led by moderator Mark Jeffries, this event will explore:
Competitive advantage: Will Novy’s presentation will show you how to become what he calls an “Ambassador of Clarity,” aligning you and your team behind a focused mission.
Visionary execution: Mike Maddock will share how to create a thriving, forward-thinking company culture to foster teams that generate – and act on – huge, profitable ideas for your business.
Dream and do: Candy Chang will tell stories of courage and determination to help you find more of your own when it comes to acting on your biggest dreams in business and beyond.
Trends in culture and technology: Robert Stephens will explore how to create a strong company culture to drive change, leverage trends, and distinguish your brand in the marketplace.