Vistage Executive Summit hosted in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

Explore the Future. Unleash Your Potential.

How is the fast-changing global economy going to impact your company by the year 2020? Are we really in the “age of decline,” and if so, how can we prosper? Are we letting our perceptions as business leaders deceive us, or are we using real data to create our road map to the future? These questions and more will be answered at the 2015 Vistage Executive Summit hosted in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Focused on the theme of “Leading with 2020 vision,” this event will provide you with the real-world tools you’ll need to lead your company through over the next crucial five years.

Moderator Daren Martin will guide an extraordinary lineup of expert speakers on topics including: expert forecasts for the year 2015 and beyond using tested economic data, how to act like a startup to compete for digital customers, and using the power of our minds to stay malleable and open to change. You’ll leave armed with tools to differentiate yourself from the competition and gain a clear, 20/20 vision of what the year 2020 actually looks like for your business.

Led by moderator Daren Martin, the event will explore:
Our economic future: Brian Beaulieu will utilize economic data from the Institute for Trend Research to present his forecast of what the business community can expect in 2020 and beyond.
Leveraging trends: Brian Solis will reveal the many trends originating from startups that are now defining the future of business, and how larger organizations are leveraging them.
Mentalism for business: Kevin Viner will entertain and amaze in an informative demonstration of how our perceptions as business leaders and beyond can deceive us ­– but only if we let them.