Vistage Executive Summit 2015 hosted in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Explore the Future. Unleash Your Potential.

Visualize where you and your company will be in the year 2020. Do you have a plan in place to turn your vision into reality? The Vistage Executive Summit will give you real-world tools for the next stage of your leadership journey. Gain compelling insights from the experts on how to strategically plan ahead, differentiate yourself from tomorrow’s competition, and attract employees who will drive your company forward. You will be challenged to think differently in order to grow, innovate and ultimately prosper in a fast-changing global economy, and leave equipped with a 2020 vision of where you want your company to be in the next five years.

This event will explore:

  • The Millennial Generation: Leverage the next generation of leaders for competitive success
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Use conscious capitalism to create a sustainable world
  • Emerging Technology: Understand the latest mobile and digital trends and how they will shape your business
  • Courageous Leadership: Shape the future through active, thoughtful leadership
  • Our Economic Future: Prepare for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead