Vistage Executive Summit hosted in Cincinnati, OH

Explore the Future. Unleash Your Potential.

How will your business adapt and transform over the next five years? The Vistage Executive Summit 2015 hosted in Cincinnati, OH, focused on the theme of “Leading with 2020 vision,” is designed to help you envision that road map more clearly to ensure your business is on the right track to success.

The day’s lineup of speakers will provide valuable insight on what every company should know today to be better positioned for the challenges and opportunities just ahead. What can you learn from the Silicon Valley start-up mentality, what real-world strategies can turn your team’s big ideas into profit, and how “obsessed” should you be with customer experience? Optional breakout sessions will provide even more takeaways to help you navigate the rapidly changing global economy with ease. Get ready to spend the day being challenged to think differently – and to walk away with actionable ideas that can drive your company forward.

Guided by moderator Mark Jeffries, the event will explore:

Behaving like a startup
: Brian Solis will reveal the many trends originating from startups that are now defining the future of business, and how larger organizations are leveraging them.
Visionary execution: Mike Maddock will share how to create a thriving, forward-thinking company culture to foster teams that generate – and act on – huge, profitable ideas for your business.
A customer obsession: Michel Falcon will share how to differentiate yourself from competitors, grow organically, and become an admired brand through the strategic design of your customer experience.