Vistage Executive Summit hosted in Chicago, IL

Explore the Future. Unleash Your Potential.

Are you leading with 20/20 vision? The Vistage Executive Summit hosted in Chicago will focus on helping you visualize your company’s growth over the next pivotal five years. The day’s dynamic speakers will energize and prepare you for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for your company, arming you with an actionable plan to turn your vision into reality.

Our engaging lineup of expert speakers will provide actionable insights on staying relevant in a rapidly changing world, gaining total business alignment, and leveraging social consciousness to expand your company’s profits. Ready to get revved up and ready to create your ideal future in 2020? You’ll leave the Vistage Executive Summit thinking differently about what you need to do in order to grow, innovate, and ultimately prosper in a fast-changing global economy.

Led by moderator Mark Jeffries, this event will explore:
Staying relevant: Sheryl Connelly will share how to think like a futurist and anticipate changes within your industry for easier adaption to emerging trends and consumer demands.
Your strategic vision: Cameron Herold will explore how to utilize a unique visioning process to “reverse-engineer” your long-term goals and create total company alignment.
Trends in culture and technology: Robert Stephens will explore how to create a strong company culture to drive change, leverage trends, and distinguish your brand in the marketplace through a high level of service.