Vistage Executive Summit hosted in Atlanta, GA

Explore the Future. Unleash Your Potential.

The next five years will likely prove to be pivotal for your business. How will you adapt and transform now through the year 2020? “Leading with 2020 vision” is the theme of this year’s Vistage Executive Summit in Atlanta, GA. Driving change, communicating like a rock star, and staying relevant are on the agenda for this dynamic day of presentations and breakout sessions.

The influential speakers will challenge you to think differently and help you gain clarity on the place your business holds in a rapidly changing economy. Learn how to hardwire your memory for better communication, anticipate changes within your industry, and create a strong company culture to position your business for continued success. You’ll leave equipped with a clear, 20/20 vision of where you want your company to be now and in the coming five years.

The event will explore:
Stage might: Sekou Andrews will share secrets to powerful communication, including how to act naturally, hardwire your memory, and absolutely own any room.
Staying relevant: Sheryl Connelly will share how to think like a futurist and anticipate changes within your industry for easier adaption to emerging trends and consumer demands.
Trends in culture and technology: Robert Stephens will explore how to create a strong company culture to drive change, leverage trends, and distinguish your brand in the marketplace through a high level of service.