Vistage All City: Pittsburgh

Come network with other Pittsburgh area Vistage members and Chairs at this exclusive event featuring presentations by Tom Searcy and Captain David Marquet.

David Marquet is a top graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and a retired U.S. Navy Captain. In the beginning of his career, he was taught that leadership was all about getting things done using the people who worked for you until he was ordered in to take command of the USS Santa Fe, the worst performing submarine in the fleet. It set the stage for developing a truly unique and deep understanding of leadership. Throughout his career he gave orders like any other ship captain, until one day he unknowingly gave an impossible order his crew tried to follow. It was then he realized his leadership paradigm was 180-degrees off and set about getting people to think, not simply comply.

In David’s presentation, “Creating Leadership at Every Level” he teaches you how rethink your leadership philosophy and change from a leader-follower organization to a leader-leader relationship at every level. With an eye toward delegating decision-making and giving control, Marquet focuses on the underlying conditions necessary to make that possible: technical competence and organizational clarity. He will demonstrate:

  • Tools for changing the way your teams talk to each other
  • How to give subordinates more ownership and satisfaction in their jobs
  • Hands-on-mini-exercises that participants can practice and take back to their own organizations

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