South East Midlands Vistage Open Day

The morning will feature a blizzard of fresh evidence from research as well as first hand case studies, examples and demonstrations of beliefs, techniques and strategies that have been witnessed from working with highly successful Chief Executives, politicians, front-line service providers, athletes and entertainers. Participants will be able to share and learn new techniques that will sharpen their personal cutting edge.

This session equips participants with practical tools and techniques to enable them to:

  • Attain and sustain peak performance for themselves, their colleagues, customers, shareholders, friends and families.
  • Confidently set and meet aspirational goals.
  • Consistently generate high quality energy in the face of the most demanding schedules.
  • Better inspire and excite others into action.
  • Develop their ability to find creative and innovative solutions to future challenges.

By the end of the morning attendees will:

  • Have practiced methods of language management which demonstrably enhance personal energy, sharpen focus and drive positivity in oneself and others.
  • Have a deeper understanding of how to manage their mind in order to develop their creativity, intuition and imagination for decision making.
  • Have experienced the limits of their own thinking and extended their own paradigms beyond previously held self-limiting beliefs.
  • Above all, attendees will leave the workshop with a sharper sense of conviction about their futures.
  • They will meet a collection of ideas that help to generate purpose within ourselves and others, ideas that go well beyond SMART plans and that can be quickly and habitually practised after the event.