North East Vistage Open Day

Based on featured speaker Floyd Woodrow’s theoretical knowledge and practical experience, he will help attendees to operate better as a member of a team, and as a team leader, and as a team leader of other team leaders.

This session will cover four key areas of leadership: self-leadership, team leadership, organisational and global leadership.

During this session Floyd will equip you with the motivational skills that you need to take your performance to an elite level.

Participants will gain:

  • The ability to identify your current start point in four key pillars: awareness of yourself, others, your environment and your strategic ability to unify teams and deal with adversity.
  • An insight into your decision making under pressure; enabling you to understand how technically and tactically proficient you are, what your mental toughness looks like and how physically fit are you to meet the demands of your job.
  • A better understanding of how you and other people work. After arming you with this knowledge, this workshop aims to help you to use the knowledge to perform better yourself.