Manchester Vistage Open Day +

This session will give you an engaging blend of demonstrations, stories, research, case study presentations and practical hands-on application. Leaving you with a wealth of new tools and ideas that can be applied immediately within your business.


Like 2 Love

    • The Critical Context…Why service matters.
    • From the general to the specific … Identifying the drivers.
    • The links between strategy, staff and service.
    • Why customers leave and why they stay.
    • Pineapples … random acts of kindness.
    • Negative value to WOW.
    • The 3 Ring Model.
    • Moodagrams and touch points.

Making it Stick

    • Personal behaviour-confidence and internal state management.
    • Creating a service soundtrack.
    • Communication and modelling.
    • Service Recovery … Tragic moments 2 magic moments.
    • Wows and TNTs for us.
    • Specific drivers for us.


  • Understand how service is connected and driven within and through the whole organisation.
  • Be clear on why customers leave and how to keep them.
  • Understand how to identify the ‘insignificant significants’ that keep your customers loyal.

Optional Afternoon Sessions

Vistage members and their teams will have the opportunity to stay on for an optional afternoon session where they will explore some additional material that adds further value to the morning session and they can work together with Mark to create an action plan on how they will implement what they have learnt.

Guests of Vistage  will have the opportunity to attend a complimentary session to find out a little more about Vistage and experience for themselves the real power of being part of a peer group and Vistage group Meeting. This interactive session will be run by a Vistage Group Chairman.

Find out how joining a working group of MDs, senior executives and business owners will benefit you and your business. The hallmark of a Vistage group is something we call issue processing and it is a structured, thorough and efficient approach to help successful executives think through the dynamics of a challenge or evaluate opportunities.

The Marketplace

You have the opportunity to showcase your products or services to hundreds of decision makers and industry influencers at this event in our exhibition space – The Marketplace.

To find out more about exhibiting at this event please click here.