Vistage Executive Summit CEO Event

Vistage Executive Summit San Diego: Leading Innovation Summary

Innovation Starts Here!

Today’s Vistage Executive Summit marked the first in a series of 20 events that will crisscross the country over the coming year. The following Innovation Summary provides highlights from our day in San Diego, including takeaways from our all-­‐star lineup of thought leaders.

Sekou Andrews Kicks It Off By Challenging Leaders to‘Big Themselves”

After a short video, the lights dimmed and Sekou commanded the attention of the 500 business leaders in attendance with a powerful poem created specifically for this event. Defining innovation as the move from insights to invoices, Sekou challenged the audience to create the kind of environments in their own companies that truly inspire innovation! “You win some, you learn some with each mistake you make.” He suggested that the leaders in the room take their top 16 designers, put them in a garage, fill it with Nachos and Dr. Pepper, and charge them with creating the start-­‐up that will put them out of business. “Big yourselves!” he exclaimed. He was referring to the movie Big, starring Tom Hanks, where a boy in an adult body understood all too well the difference between what would be fun for kids and what would not. Sekou said, “Don’t allow your story to be written by someone else. Instead of asking, Why didn’t I think of that? ask, Why didn’t I think like that?”

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