East Midlands Vistage Open Day +

Leadership must begin with how we lead ourselves. This in turn impacts how we lead and inspire others. The only case study that will be discussed in this session is you. In a highly practical, interactive, humorous workshop you will explore why leaders so often miss the obvious when it comes to how they deal with themselves and others. Whilst getting the processes and systems in place is crucial, the focus of the workshop is encapsulated in the phrase “It’s about the people, stupid!”

Participants will learn to:

  • Help themselves and others deal with change more positively.
  • Build better relationships with customers and colleagues.
  • Understand the impact and importance of attitude that goes beyond ‘positive thinking’.
  • Examine the subtle yet significant factors that help and hinder our motivation.
  • Deal more positively with stress and recognise the signs of when healthy pressure is becoming unhealthy stress.

Opportunity is provided not just for discussion but also reflection time will be taken to press pause, shut up and focus on a particular issue that is impacting us either professionally or personally. You will then look at specific ways to move on to improve the situation.

The goal of the workshop is simple. You will leave with ideas and insights that can be used immediately, and which will make a difference to leadership, both in and outside work.

Optional Afternoon Sessions

Vistage members and their teams will have the opportunity to stay on for an optional afternoon session where they can work together with Steve to create an action plan on how they will implement what they have learnt during the morning.

Guests of Vistage will be invited to a separate session where they can learn a little more about Vistage and the power of the Vistage Group.

The Marketplace

You have the opportunity to showcase your products or services to hundreds of decision makers and industry influencers at this event in our exhibition space – The Marketplace.

To find out more about exhibiting at this event please click here.