East of England Vistage Open Day

Many businesses are successful partly because their products, services add real value but equally due to the passion and conviction of the founders and leaders.

For the business to truly become scalable it is essential to develop the salesforce so you hire a Sales Manager, Director and rely on them to build the team. All too often we hear that this is initially not as successful as the owner hopes and for some reason the expectations laid on the sales leader do not match the results. Why does this happen? One reason is that many Sales Managers and Sales Directors originally were promoted into leadership because they were good salespeople. No one has trained them on what it takes to build and lead sales teams and many are not even able to define the process they used to be good in sales.

This session will cover:

  • Formula for success in sales.
  • Formula for success in sales leadership.
  • The skill/will matrix.
  • 7 key areas to track, develop each sales person.
  • The L.A.W. (Leadership Adjustment Wheel).
  • Tracking ‘critical success factors’.


It is essential that the business provides a track to run on for the sales division. The objective of this session is to share some of the basic models that must be in place within the sales function to create a scalable and duplicable structure and provide consistency. By the end of this workshop participants will have:

  • Tools to be applied immediately for clear sales roles.
  • Duplicable systems to help Sales Directors build individuals.
  • Recommended track to run on for each sales person.
  • Removed much of the ‘grey’ around sales management.