Deal Network Mergers and Acquisitions Bootcamp hosted in Chicago

Deal Network M&A Bootcamp

Is your company seriously considering moving into an acquisition or merger in the next 18- 24 months?

Join the Deal Network for an M&A Bootcamp, an intensive, full-day workshop focused on mergers and acquisitions. Deal experts from the Vistage community, Chris Younger, George Cochran, Austin Potenza and Andy Weil will lead attendees through an M&A case-study, focusing on areas which tend to be most problematic, giving attendees the tools to avoid potential pitfalls in the M&A process. Leave with valuable insights and resources that will equip you and your company for pending growth or sale in the months ahead.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The transaction process – what to watch out for, and what to make sure happens
  2. How businesses are valued and the likely range of valuations for your business
  3. What you can do today to increase value in your business and increase the odds of a successful transaction
  4. Key legal and tax issues in any transaction
  5. What do different types of buyers look for (and what turns them off)
  6. What other CEOs/Owners have been through and their key lessons learned
  7. The steps you should take to plan for post-transaction
  8. How and when to put your transaction team together
  9. Registration fee: $450

Space is limited to 16 CE members.

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If you have any questions please contact the Deal Network Curator, Kristen Abbas.