Your personal CEO network in Baltimore

Better leaders. Better decisions. Better results.

Vistage is excited to invite you to an interactive event for select CEOs and business owners in the greater Baltimore area. Experience first-hand how a peer advisory group can help you make better decisions and achieve faster business growth in this highly interactive breakfast.

Our guest speaker is local Vistage Chair Peter Schwartz, who will do a special workshop based on Bob Anderson and Bill Adams bestselling book, Mastering Leadership. As a guest you’ll receive a copy of the book and the assessment, Peter will dive deeper into breakthrough research that connects increased leadership with enhanced business performance. Mastering Leadership involves developing the effectiveness of leaders – individually and collectively – and turning that leadership into a competitive advantage. This unique workshop will help you develop a pathway to bring forth the highest and best use of yourself, your life and your leadership. By more meaningfully deploying all of who you are every day to help you achieve a leadership legacy consistent with your highest aspirations.

At this event, you will:
• Engage with subject matter experts and gain real world perspectives
• Vet critical business strategies with your business leader peers
• Discover how Vistage can provide tested, real-world tools to grow your business

There is no cost to attend.
Seating is limited, register below.

This event is exclusively for CEOs and business owners of companies with $1MM+ in annual revenue.