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  • 5 strategies for winning in 2017

    5 strategies for winning in 2017

    Everybody wants to win, and that includes people and organizations. No one wakes up in the morning and thinks, “I want to do a terrible job at work today!” But these days, it often seems like people aren’t making progress on the right goals—even though they’re showing up to work and working hard. If you’re

  • 10 ways to ‘budget’ for agility in 2017

    10 ways to ‘budget’ for agility in 2017

    In this age of widespread disruption, your organization needs to meet two key goals: One, you need to constantly scan the horizon for disruptive forces. Two, you need to budget for agility, because it’s key to managing disruption — and it doesn’t come freely. Last month,in my blog post Fend off disruptive outside factors with business

  • How much should you spend on marketing in 2017?

    How much should you spend on marketing in 2017?

    For years, companies have fervently debated how much they should spend on sales and marketing. Indeed, it can be difficult to find relevant benchmarks when establishing sales and marketing budgets. In my experience, most companies — especially those in the B2B space — focus on sales and underspend on marketing. However, research indicates that marketing

  • Advice to Yahoo’s CEO

    Advice to Yahoo’s CEO

    Marissa: ‘No Margin, No Mission’ The journey of Yahoo has been sad to watch…because I see it as preventable. Sometimes our human frailty leads us to get enraptured with our company’s 30,000-foot vision. During the consulting engagement to assist the Saint Joseph of Orange’s Board of Directors with their hospital system’s five-year growth plan; ‘we

  • The Adoption of Technology – A Wild Ride

    We are at a unique intersection in history.  Moore’s Law, The Hype Cycle and Rodger’s Bell Curve, cloud computing and big data are intersecting like a ball hitting a baseball bat.  That is another way of saying, things are changing really fast. In particular, the adoption of new technologies is occurring at an unprecedented rate.

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