Demystifying the Small Business Administration

When confidence in the economy is on the rise, many CEOs and business owners start thinking about investing in and growing their business. The big question is how to access capital. If the Small Business Administration is not at the top of the list of opportunities, maybe it’s because of all the popular misconceptions out there: ‘The application process is too complex.’ ‘The SBA is only for small businesses.’ ‘The SBA won’t loan money for real estate purchases.’

Our report, Demystifying the Small Business Administration, dispels some of these misconceptions, outlines the benefits of the SBA loan program, and offers tips on navigating the application process. It also helps define qualifying expenditures and purchases, and explores the program’s rates and terms.

CEOs and business owners who may have written off the SBA loan program in the past will be glad they took a second look at this valuable resource for accessing capital.

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