Beyond Business

Executives and business owners can often spend too much time focused on just their business. Balance is critical to being a great leader. The Beyond Business category shares content that reaches beyond the walls of your office to help you find answers to unusual questions. This is the place where you will find unexpected yet meaningful topics – crucial to your personal and professional growth: How to be mindful at work; unconventional ways to envision and work toward your goals and dreams; how to know when taking a break is more important than working more; what you can learn from accepting and even embracing the fear that comes with moving toward uncharted territories and success.

  • A cure for conversational blind spots

    A cure for conversational blind spots

    Three decades ago, I began my first experiment in Conversational Intelligence®. The corporation Union Carbide hired me to work with 17 high-powered sales executives in danger of losing a bid for a key contract. My job was to figure out how they could raise their game and beat the other seven competitors. For two weeks, I

  • Repairing a relationship in the workplace

    Repairing a relationship in the workplace

    Suppose that you have argued with a colleague and now you avoid talking to them because the relationship feels strained. You may wonder how to repair and restore that relationship—how to start over, make up, rebuild trust and work through issues. Most of us experience moments of conflict like this daily, as we fall prey

  • The chemistry behind your conversational intelligence

    The chemistry behind your conversational intelligence

    Understanding the chemical reactions to your conversations leads to conversational intelligence and more effective communications. For many decades, I’ve been intrigued by the chemical impacts — both positive and negative — that conversations have on us.  I married a biochemist and for decades we’ve shared lots of conversations about our work. When we first wrote

  • Busyness is laziness [video podcast]

    Busyness is laziness [video podcast] Podcast

      In this edition of the Vistage Podcast series, CEO, executive coach and speaker Jason Hartanov dispels the time management myth that ‘busy is better.’ Jason, who describes himself as a recovering perfectionist, discusses how he finds the time to be super productive without being overwhelmed. With the objective of helping leaders grow their businesses

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