Using Online Business Videos to Boost Sales

Online videos are a quick  and powerful way to capture your customers’ attention. Are you using videos on your  Website, in social media or elsewhere online?


Here are some  compelling reasons to use videos in your marketing efforts:


  • Recent  studies show that prospects are 3-4 times more likely to respond to video over  text online.
  • Prospects  tend to make purchases after watching a video about a product or service.
  • Videos  help your Web pages show up on the first page of Google searches.
  • Videos are free to host and distribute  online through sites like YouTube, MetaCafe, Vimeo, Viddler and Fliggo.


While videos create  sales and differentiate you from your competitors, they also create curiosity  and draw people in. We, the authors, created the video below to give you more explanation on the power of videos. Are you tempted to watch this video?



Four  Elements to Include in a Business Video


If it’s time for you to  make a business video, here are four elements you should consider including:


  • Testimonials: Customer  testimonials are compelling. They build credibility and provide “social proof”  for your product. Viewers trust third-party impressions of your business more  than anything you say about your own product. If you have clients who love your  product, let them rave about you.


  • How  it’s made: Showing your service in action or how  your product is made gives the viewer a personal connection to your company. Use  strong, memorable images that will stay in the minds of your customers. For  example: If you make bubble gum, show what 3 million pieces of bubble gum look  like. How many stories high would the bubble gum mountain rise above your town?  If you provide consulting, or a service, show a professional presence and confident  command of the subject matter. Videos add a dimension of context and personality  when showing the faces of your workers which helps customers to remember you.


  • Solutions: Give  the viewer a taste of how they will feel and benefit from what you offer. People  buy things because they hope it will make their life better. Show how your  product makes their life better. Show people deciding, using, smiling, living  with what you provide. Include real customers as well as using your employees  as actors. Everyone wants to be a rock star. By using your employees in the  video you’ll save money, boost morale, reduce turnover, instill pride and even  improve quality, and create “company celebrities.” Additionally, if your  customers tend to be curious about a particular topic or have numerous  questions around a particular subject, consider developing a video that  explains this topic.


  • Call  to action: Always include a call to action in your  video. Your call to action will depend on the outcome you are trying to drive.  Whether your video seeks to get people to your company site, sell your product,  or brand your service, be sure to tell viewers what they should do next.

Once  you determine what you want your video to accomplish, contact an online  marketing company, ad agency or video production company and put the project in  the hands of professionals. Try to keep your video short—90 to 180 seconds is  an ideal length for most business videos.


For  most businesses, the simplest and most effective way to put your video online  is to post it on a video-hosting site such as YouTube, then use the “embed code”  YouTube offers and place the video on your site with that code. To get the most  out of your video you’ll want to optimize the key words in the filename, title  and description of the video so both the video and your Web page show up high  in search engine rankings.

You  will also want to position videos about products alongside more information  about the product and links to buy it. You may need to work with an online  marketing specialist to get the most out of your video after you’ve made it.


Given  that the cost to produce a short video is typically less than the print costs  for brochures, now is a good time to redirect marketing and printing dollars to  drive sales with a video.


Vistage  member Adrian  Dinu, is a co-founder of Post Meridian Productions, a video/audio company  in Schaumburg, IL., specializes in corporate videos.


Vistage  member Russ  Riendeau, PhD,   is an executive search professional and Vistage  speaker on talent management strategies.  

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