Leveraging technology has the potential to take companies to greater heights. But what is the right technology to leverage? When should a good leader suggest moving forward? How long should you invest in trials and comparisons of competitive similar technological solutions? Our technology articles focus on where CEOs will find better results for their business through technology. Insight in this category reaches the various needs of many sectors: disruptive could technologies and data storage; tracking software; and where an organization fits at the intersection of marketing and technology. Our business technology articles ask the hard questions and deliver insightful solutions.

  • Data security: Beyond server backup

    Data security: Beyond server backup

    Data backup and disaster recovery have come a long way the past several decades. Forward-thinking IT Managed Service Providers and in-house IT departments now think more in terms of business continuity, rather than just backup.  It’s worth examining how this business security strategy developed over time to get an understanding of where it is headed.

  • Un-compelling presentations: What a shame!

    Un-compelling presentations: What a shame!

    I was there at the beginning. It was exciting: a new technology – computer-generated presentation graphics that could unleash people’s potential to present more effectively. It could empower smaller companies whose ideas and expertise deserved to win competitions to do so, against much larger established organizations who had greater resources to produce their presentations. Democracy

  • Is your head in the cloud?

    Is your head in the cloud?

    Bridget van Kralingen, a Senior VP for IBM said “Data will be the source of competitive advantage, the cloud will be the basis of business models, and engagement will be the way in which companies get customers and employees.” We are moving into a form of Cloud 3.0, where it is more than a place

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