As CEOs, executives and business owners, you are responsible for the direction of your entire organization. Leadership blogs and business articles on leadership can help you choose a direction or redirect your current path, when leadership proves challenging. To help you become a more effective executive leader who makes better decisions, who either quickly or steadily achieves better results, our leadership in business articles and leadership skills articles will help you develop into an informed and inspiring influencer. Managing the various roles that come with being a strong leader becomes simpler when you dive into our extensive executive leadership articles and business leadership blogs.

  • Wait! I’m an entrepreneur, not a CEO!

    Wait! I’m an entrepreneur, not a CEO!

    In my practice as a Vistage chair, I’ll often hear an entrepreneur say, “I don’t want to lose the culture as I grow this company” or “We are like a family; I want to keep this feeling as we grow.” And yet as the company grows the culture inevitably changes and the owner no longer

  • 5 characteristics of an entrepreneur

    5 characteristics of an entrepreneur

    Entrepreneurs: born or made? Whether you’re a C-suite pro at a large company with hundreds of workers or you’re the founder of a startup that has only a few employees, you can benefit from thinking like an entrepreneur. While some believe that entrepreneurs are born rather than made, anyone can at least learn some of

  • Do I always have to negotiate?

    Do I always have to negotiate?

    Every now and then, I have a conversation with one of the leaders I work with who is frustrated with a lack of compliance and accountability in their company. The leader will say something like this: “I told them exactly what I wanted. I explained the reason we needed to do it that way and

  • Explaining the Wells Fargo scandal

    Explaining the Wells Fargo scandal

    Add Wells Fargo to a growing list of companies behaving badly: Earlier this month, federal regulators revealed that the banking behemoth had created more than 2 million bogus bank and credit card accounts, most without its customers’ consent. The incentive was largely financial, as Wells Fargo rewarded many of its employees — especially those in

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