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As the leader of your organization, supporting a top-notch team requires that the best hires be made from the start. Your personnel are your biggest asset, and our human resources articles — and more specifically, corporate culture articles — highlight the ways in which understanding and growing your team ties into everything else you do for your organization. To find the right talent and understand the most effective ways to retain that talent for the success of your company, our human resources blog and workplace culture articles offer insight into the best HR minds. Topics ranging from hiring the multi-generational workforce to the neurochemistry of employee motivation will help you deepen your understanding of what makes the richest company culture.

  • Debunking the employee turnover myth

    Debunking the employee turnover myth video

      “Turnover is only bad when you have no plan to deal with it.” — Merit Gest   Flip turnover and create opportunity The Vistage Worldwide Guide to Talent Planning for the Middle Market CEO asserts that many companies fail to track and analyze the impact of employee turnover. Tactical analysis can help you understand why

  • Developing your company’s talent pool

    Developing your company’s talent pool video

    “You need sales pipelines for your candidates; it’s a very similar process.” –Kathleen Quinn Votaw   Always Be Cultivating According to the Vistage Worldwide Guide to Talent Planning for the Middle Market CEO, a company should constantly fill its pool of talent with likely prospects for a variety of roles. This is a solid strategy to

  • Boosting engagement with Millennials

    Boosting engagement with Millennials

    Many companies today struggle with the same challenge: How to create and sustain engagement with the Millennial workforce. This poses a major risk. Currently, more than one-third of the U.S. workforce consists of Millennials—that is, employees in the 18-34 age group¹. By the year 2020, that number is expected to climb to 46 percent². Moreover, this generation

  • 3 steps to creating employee engagement

    3 steps to creating employee engagement

    To understand the value of engagement, consider this: Would you rather have an organization where people show up just to punch the clock, or a place where people are enthusiastic about and committed to their work? Obviously, this is a no-brainer. Everyone wants an engaged workforce. But most organizations either don’t make it a priority

  • Winning the hiring war

    Winning the hiring war

    In my speaking engagements, I talk to hundreds of executives every year who gripe about their inability to attract and retain talent. In the war for hiring talent, most of them feel like they are losing. As of this writing, the United States is nearing full employment. Even before the recent uptick in employment, employers

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