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Strategies for achieving and sustaining growth vary in type and scope: quick growth, long term growth or an ideal combination of the two: immediate change in results followed by longer term profitability. Our business strategy articles offer ideas for improving those chances for successful growth. By digging into these marketing strategy articles as well as articles on corporate strategy, you can more confidently lead your organization toward the rightful consideration of various strategies (opportunities within your business or those aligned with new markets) and their successful execution. Overcome the challenges that CEOs find when seeking the best route to growth and scaling.

  • The business owner’s ‘pre-nup’

    The business owner’s ‘pre-nup’ Webinar-on-Demand

    Watch the webinar, “Transitioning Ownership of Your Business” Most private business owners know that creating a business succession plan is important, even if — in the all-consuming crush of managing and growing their businesses — they sometimes put it off longer than they probably should. They are often less aware, however, of many early steps

  • Small business: The entrepreneur’s dilemma

    Small business: The entrepreneur’s dilemma

    Growing a small business is no small task. A recent Vistage publication revealed that 19% of Vistage member companies have less than $10 million in sales (the threshold used by the U.S. government to define “mid-market”). And according to this article in Harvard Business Review, less than a third of family businesses make it to

  • Demystifying the Small Business Administration

    Demystifying the Small Business Administration

    When confidence in the economy is on the rise, many CEOs and business owners start thinking about investing in and growing their business. The big question is how to access capital. If the Small Business Administration is not at the top of the list of opportunities, maybe it’s because of all the popular misconceptions out there: ‘The

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