Virtual Issue Processing On-Demand

CEO Issue Processing

We look forward to welcoming you to Vistage in just a few short weeks.

Whether you have attended a live Vistage meeting or a have been a former member, we often hear that attending a Vistage meeting creates a unique experience and helps set expectations prior to heading to the Foundations of Vistage Chairing.

You are invited to participate in “The Vistage Meeting Experience.”

Extraordinary Peer-Advisory Group Value: come experience the extraordinary and incomparable value that Vistage members gain from being part of a caring, supportive and dedicated chief executive peer advisory group.

This one (1) hour Issue Processing Overview will take you through the Vistage Hourglass Model.

From the list below, please select one video to watch prior to your Foundations of Vistage Chairing Workshop. Then come prepared to discuss what you have learned.

Vistage Issue Processing
How Do I: Hire Quality Employees
Facilitated by Chair Scott Seagren
Chair Issue Processing
How Do I: How Do I: Recover from a 7 million dollar cash flow gap in a short period of time so I make an acquisition.
Facilitated by Chair Lance Descourouez