What Is the Climb?

Go Further with Vistage CEO Peer Groups

The journey to true leadership isn’t easy. Like climbing Denali, K2 or Everest, it’s the challenge of a lifetime. 

Vistage CEO peer groups are where business leaders come together with one common goal – to make better decisions to benefit your company, family and community.

How to Live a Life of climb

This leadership path has been traveled by thousands of top-performing business leaders for 65 years. Learn how CEOs climb higher with Vistage.

Your Vistage peer group climbs with you. Once a month, you meet to work through challenges and opportunities with 12-16 high-caliber executives from non-competing organizations.
Experienced Chairs help guide your ascent. An executive mentor (Chair) guides group discussions using a proven framework for processing issues and keeping discussions focused.
Access a global network of 24,000 fellow leaders also on the climb. Engage with other executives in our networks. Share their experience and give you confidence in your daily decisions.
Your CEO group will help you solve challenges and move forward. Diverse perspectives will inform you, so you can see the landscape and make the best decision.
Vistage research provides actionable intel about the climate. Our speakers & experts inspire new perspectives.
Our beliefs will be your compass. Know exactly where you’re going on your leadership journey, wherever you are on your path.
Gain new perspectives and get massive results. The leader’s journey up the mountain creates a new perspective that inspires the right actions, to create massive results.

The journey to true leadership isn’t easy, it’s the challenge of a lifetime. It’s for those few with enough grit and commitment to climb outside their comfort zone. While each CEO’s journey up the mountain is their own...They don’t have to do it alone.

Vistage knows this climb.


You make decisions.
Vistage helps you make smarter ones.

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