What Is The True Role Of A Leader?

This week on The CEO TV Show Joe Taylor, CEO of Panasonic, discusses the role of a CEO. Joe says it is essentially important for the CEO to have a very clear vision as to where the company is going to go and how to get there. The CEO must then support the organization. If you can’t deliver the vision that you’re sharing with the employees, it all falls apart. Joe goes on to say that the greatest skill you should have is patience, which is lacking in many CEO’s. Joe then mentions that he is the first non-Japanese Chairman and CEO of Panasonic. Joe thinks he got there because of the ability to listen and understand all sides before you make a decision. Taylor says the Future of Panasonic has never looked brighter – if you like technology there’s never been a better time to be alive. He says there isn’t any question that the consumer electronics is a difficult business and Panasonic has to constantly review their product portfolio. Joe says Panasonic will be playing much larger roles globally in new areas. Taylor adds advice for other CEO’s: Constantly review what you’re doing and when you make a decision, follow it through and don’t be afraid to revise it. One of the issues that he faced was a lack of young people who wanted to go in to manufacturing. Joe first encountered this 20 years ago, and says it is still apparent today. Trying to solve that, Joe went to the New Jersey Institute of Technology and created a robotic design challenge. As Joe got to know the students, many of them first generation immigrants, he saw that they were often working 2 or 3 jobs as well as going to school and then volunteering with the rest of their time. This was the most inspirational thing Joe has ever seen. He says he doesn’t see how he has any reason to complain or not succeed after seeing what these students are able to accomplish. Find out more in this week’s episode from Joe Taylor, CEO of Panasonic.

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