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  • Marketing’s changing role

    Marketing’s changing role

    Just when you thought you knew what marketing was all about, everything is changing! In the beginning there was “little m” marketing: which means the production of brochures and adverts, the attendance of trade shows and all it entails, creating websites, and implementing online marketing automation tools. “Little m” marketing is all of the execution

  • The business strategy of a market leader

    The business strategy of a market leader

    Twenty years ago, when the book The Discipline of Market Leaders was published, it was revered as one of the seminal works on business strategy. The premise of the book is that market leaders fall into one of three categories: Product Innovators: Providers who redefine markets with radical new products Customer Intimacy: Providers who understand

  • A taller pair of pants

    A taller pair of pants

    How to make Contact Marketing work for you. Most sales experts will tell you the days of cold calling are over. Whether you agree or not, the ability to connect with virtually anyone is a critical part of success in business and sales. I’ve been using my cartoons to do that throughout my career, with

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