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How Dunn & Bradstreet’s Brand has Become Synonymous with Trust

CEO Sara Mathew discusses the meaning of the D&B brand and shares her insights on how it has grown to help 200 million businesses in over 200 countries.  Sara shares the history of the brand, and how D&B has come to stand for trust and confidence by people around the world. Sara describes the role of leadership as defining the current reality and creating hope, and then converting that hope into a new reality. She goes on to say by understanding what is happening in current markets, you are able to position your firm to succeed in the future.  D&B prides themselves in their unique ability to help companies find new and potential customers, from wanting to grow your business to launching a new product or service. When it comes to serving so many businesses in hundreds of countries each with different cultures, Sara stresses the importance of having a large diverse staff, as well as having local partners that operate in each of the many different markets. She goes on to say that although there are different processes to appeal to local markets, D&B also has core values that are consistent between the different sectors. This mindset comes from the mantra “think locally, act globally”, a corporate culture Sara says attributes to much of D&B’s success.

Share and learn from Sara Mathew’s story on this week’s episode of The CEO TV Show available on demand here.

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