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Head in the Cloud? LinkSource’s IronTrap™ Makes Managing Cloud Platforms Easier

Vistage Member- Curt  Lewis

ROSEVILLE, Calif., April 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — LinkSource Technologies®, specializing in delivering innovative new information technologies and service solutions, today introduced its proprietary new cloud management technology, IronTrap™.  Featuring a scalable, centralized one-stop service portal, IronTrap™ offers companies the tools to dynamically administer, provision, monitor and manage their cloud or multiple cloud environments.  IronTrap™ offers the ultimate solution for streamlined management of corporate clouds.

“With customers moving to cloud-based platforms, we recognized an opportunity to develop a management tool to fully and easily manage our customers’ network inventory and infrastructure—whether physical or virtual,” said Curt Lewis, CEO of LinkSource Technologies®.   “IronTrap™ allows customers to simply and securely control their public or private cloud system on-site.  IronTrap™ is the outcome of our work with customers, as we help them manage their private cloud or multiple cloud environments.”

IronTrap™ is cloud supplier-agnostic and eliminates the complex administrative challenges associated with cloud management.  Although capable of managing the most complex enterprise cloud environments, it is scalable and simple to use for small to medium-sized businesses.

“IronTrap™ makes managing infrastructures a snap,” said Chris Seppala, chief technology officer at LinkSource Technologies®.  “IronTrap™ visually demonstrates to customers, with a single-screen overview, exactly what’s happening within their infrastructure.  They’re then able to modify, redirect and scale as necessary to maximize efficiencies for their business.”

The Cloud:  Simply Managed

With IronTrap™, customers are now able to manage dedicated servers, public cloudprivate cloud, devices and sites from multiple providers—all from their worksite. The technology offers advanced monitoring, alerting and reporting through a single portal.   Network availability is maximized by monitoring all aspects of Windows® and Linux® servers, as well as workstations and other devices.  All servers are available to the system administrator from the Control Panel.

An industry first, IronTrap™ features a network monitor that, when a failure is detected, alerts the customer, and simultaneously takes the preconfigured corrective action.   Instead of simply receiving an email that there is an issue, IronTrap™ can also create a ticket in the ticketing system.  The ticket can have escalation, or priority based on the issue.  The system can also take predefined actions to correct the issue (corrective action) based on the issue.

With IronTrap™, companies can manage dedicated servers, public clouds, private clouds, devices and sites from multiple suppliers.  This includes advanced monitoring, reporting, inventory management, performance monitoring and SLA verification provided by the IronTrap™ monitoring application.  The robust feature set includes:

  • Easy Administration with centralized configuration and storage of information
  • True Open Source Solution with no license driven limitations
  • Personalized Dashboard with immediate access to favorite resource and a high level view
  • Fast Problem Resolution guaranteeing immediate notification through email, cell phone, SMS or audio alerts
  • Distributed Monitoring utilizing centralized configuration and access to all data
  • Scalability, tested with 100,000 monitored devices and servers and with one million availability and performance checks
  • Real Time Monitoring including Performance, Availability and Integrity monitoring
  • Visualization customized for the user and configured as best works for them: mapping, graphing (including pie charts), zooming
  • Flexible Design, supporting IPv4 and IPv6, easily extendable native agents, any notification methods and runs on any platform
  • Pro-active, Aggregate and Agentless monitoring

LinkSource’s IronTrap™ offers a range of users the solutions to all customers with the goal of dynamically and effortlessly managing their clouds. The product is available to customers today.

In addition to creating IronTrap™ and a number of customized tools to meet the needs of customers, LinkSource Technologies® is a recognized leader in mobility management, voice and data solutions and cloud technologies.  The company is an industry leader in creating solutions for customers, regardless of carrier supplier environment and client infrastructure.

About LinkSource Technologies®:

Founded in 1998 and based in California and Pennsylvania, LinkSource Technologies® is a telecommunications solutions company with unmatched support, services and tools—from voice, data and mobility, to cloud computing.  LinkSource delivers forward-thinking technology, superior customer support, a solid process model and ROI for customers.  The LinkSource team represents some of the most recognized brands in the world—from finance and healthcare to retail and construction.  LinkSource is proud to have the capabilities to provide global solutions for enterprise and multi-location companies.  The collaborative team supports clients in making informed decisions while optimizing investment and business performance.  For information on LinkSource Technologies®, visit www.linksource.com.

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