How to Use SlideShare to Get More Leads for Your Business

Social media – it’s one of the hottest buzz words today. We get it—if you haven’t figured out how to use it in your personal life yet, it can be particularly daunting to begin adapting it to your lead generation efforts. In February, we gave you 5 Reasons To Leap Into Social Media This Year. However, with all the varied platforms available—Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and more—it’s hard to know which combination to use for your company.

Since social media is clearly here to stay, today we’ll be discussing the new guy on the block, SlideShare, and why adding it to your current social media portfolio helps generate even more social media leads for your business. If you haven’t heard yet, SlideShare was recently acquired by Linkedin for no less than $119 million, so, yeah—it’s kind of a big deal.

And here’s why. To give you some background, SlideShare is a website platform that allows you to upload everything from presentations, documents, PDFs, and more, all for users to share, comment on, and download. As of right now, SlideShare has over 9 million uploads and over 29 million monthly visitors, making it the Internet’s largest database of presentations, PDFs, and videos. With that information alone, it’s pretty clear why you and your company should take advantage of its great social media offerings to interact with customers and build awareness.

In addition, however, SlideShare provides a host of other opportunities to help your business generate leads:

  • It’s an SEO Optimizer: Similar to how YouTube videos often make page one on Google searches, SlideShare’s results, such as their keyword-optimized presentations, often come up at the top of results pages.
  • SlideShare is a lead generator: not only does SlideShare allow you to share content on another social media platform, ultimately allowing you to reach more users, PRO users specifically track views and downloads to know exactly who downloaded files.
  • It integrates well with your other social media tools: you easily align SlideShare with your other social media tools by putting its share button on your company’s website, as well as sharing recent uploads on other networks such as Twitter and Facebook. In addition, LinkedIn’s acquisition of SlideShare allows for a unique integration of the two networks, making Linkedin a special distribution channel for SlideShare content not only through a company, but through each and every employee with a Linkedin profile.
  • Get the edge on competitors: chances are most of your competition hasn’t even begun to consider SlideShare and its benefits. You’ll put your company ahead of the game, generating an increased amount of leads. In addition, thanks to SlideShare’s vast database, you can check out how other companies in your industry from around the world are using SlideShare’s features and the content they’re posting.

If you’re still not sold on SlideShare’s benefits and how they contribute to your company’s marketing efforts, we would suggest testing out the site and getting a feel for it as a database for your company’s information. You upload files and set them to be shared publicly or as only visible to the account user. Not only that, SlideShare is the easy solution for company presenters or speakers: why worry about keeping track of your USB plug-in when SlideShare uploads are readily accessible anywhere and everywhere with the click of a mouse?

Do your marketing efforts a favor and give SlideShare a try today! To learn more about using the latest social media tools in your marketing program click here to download our newest report, How To Drive Leads With Social Media. To get tips like this every day, click here to subscribe to the Remarkablog.

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  2. Great tips Michael. Now that Slideshare is integrated into Linkedin, there is a greater potential to create leads for your business.

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