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6 Content Emotions That Would Improve Your Business Blog

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Whenever a brand puts on a sale or launches a new product, customers easily decide based on what they feel. This is indeed true, since people decide because of the changes in their emotional state. Some buy ice cream to feel a spark of joy after a stressful day at work, girls want to buy a new outfit to get over their ex-boyfriends, and the list goes on and on. According to Geoffrey James of Sales Source, the changes in people’s emotional state are always caused by their buying decisions. And businesses are keeping in track with these key emotions for effective brand engagement to target their customers head-on.

Businesses need to evoke right emotions in their blogs, since blog helps your business reach a higher level with the different advantages that it provides. According to a study by HubSpot, business blogging generates 55% more website visitors than those who don’t blog at all and as business owner, you don’t want to waste the advantages of blogging. Your business will greatly improve if you inject your blog with powerful content emotions that will help you connect more to meet your target customers’ needs and preferences, and in turn will generate more sales and revenues. Know how to improve a business blog using emotions, specifically with these 6 content emotions:

1. Find Happiness in Your Content

People naturally want to have a dose of happiness and joy in their lives. And with your brand in the limelight in your blog, you may tap the happiness out of your customers through your product or service. How can emotions improve your blog? In your next online content, be sure to infuse happiness since good news spread faster in social media rather than bad ones, according to a study done by Dr. Jonah Berger, a social psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Berger studied thousands of articles on The New York Times’ website and found out that the more positive an article is, the chances of it being shared in social media platforms are more likely than articles written in a sad tone. You’ll be surprised to know that you’ll have more social shares, because of your brand’s blog post that makes people happier than they’ve ever been.

2.  Allow Users to Feel Nostalgic

As a basic emotion, nostalgia can be a powerful marketing tool. Erik Devaney of HubSpot says that companies can utilize different ways to leverage past memories of people to evoke an emotional response from their customers. Nostalgia is also used by marketers to have an emotional bond and to build trust with people. A good content that fosters nostalgic feelings should consider the target users’ age to be able to properly choose a time period that the users can easily identify with. Be sure to choose a specific style, event, or item that will instantly invoke their positive memory and align it with what you want people to associate your brand with for better brand engagement. For example, you can be like Microsoft, who had an advertisement that makes people remember the ‘90s fads which allowed people to be nostalgic, and at the same time was able to build brand friendship with their customers.

3. Reach out Your Helping Hand

Altruism is part of the human’s interplay of emotions that influences his buying emotions. If a person knows that a brand is able to extend a helping hand to those in need, chances are he’ll support more your brand. Do inform your customers of your altruism activities in your blog with the help of SEO and content marketing strategies, to develop more loyal customers. Pepsi has been involved in this, through their 2010 Pepsi Refresh Project that granted more than $20 million to approximately 1,000 projects. Grant seekers were then able to promote their causes and Pepsi customers decided through online votes who will win the grant. Cone conducted a 2010 Cause Evolution Study that reveals that 41 percent of customers bought a product because of its good intentions and good causes. Now is the perfect time to blog about your corporate social responsibility initiatives.

4. Drive Away Fear with Your Content

People fear a lot of things, including death, losing a loved one, or failure itself. We avoid this negative feeling in order not to let our minds dwell on these negative thoughts. But people are also motivated out of fear to take an action or make an important decision in their lives. When writing your blog post for your content production, be sure to first present the situation that arouses the fear, and then discuss the consequences of not doing anything to solve the situation. Doing so can help you understand your audience emotions, especially when it comes to fear. Explain how your brand can protect your audience. Help people realize that they can overcome fear to make positive changes in their lives with your brand. A good example for this one is the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), for remarkably producing clever content that has fear tactics to drive action. These make users aware of certain environmental issues and take action for it.

5. Duty, Pride and Honor Strikes Your Readers

Success stories definitely strokes the ego of your users. A good blog content that talks directly to people’s pride makes you connect with them even better. In 2013’s Super Bowl, Ram Trucks had a commercial that honors American farmers by showing stills of men and women working in the farm, farm life, capped with a striking phrase, “To the farmer in all of us.”Translated into a blog post, this can help your readers be more interested with your brand and what it may offer to them. This can also evoke a sense of obligation to people which may help them reach out more to your brand to satisfy that feeling.

6. Frustrated? Your Content is the Solution.

People tend to get frustrated over daily stuff such as traffic, slow services, and buffering videos in the internet. If your brand is able to provide a solution to a person’s frustrating situation, then you’re good to go. Mix it with a creatively done content and you’re sure to transform your users from being frustrated to being contented.

A good business blog that engages with users always keeps in the mind the key emotions for good content. Be sure to use real words that people will easily resonate to, continue to make your brand’s content interesting, and stay true to what your brand really represents.

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