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Ahead of Trends

Justin Bariso’s piece, These Major Trends Are Changing Business as We Know It, struck a chord with me.  He brings to light four trends that we have been talking about at Vistage for a while now. At Vistage, our values of Trust, Caring, Challenge and Growth are essential to how we look ahead and prepare for trends.

Ahead of TrendsThe first trend – the war for talent – is tougher than ever. We fight this war on two fronts: Keeping our best employees and independent contractors, and finding new ones. The good news is that if we’re doing all the right things to keep our good people, we’re likely doing what’s necessary to attract new talent.

Our Chairs, like many others helping us work toward our 2020 vision, are freelancers – Bariso’s second trend – and they stand at the heart of our business. Chairs run their practices like a business: choosing their own hours, prospecting their own member candidates, and deciding for themselves how to best build their practice to generate their ideal income. To help them concentrate on doing what they do best, we at Vistage HQ provide them with an organizational structure that supports them at every turn. This symbiotic relationship between Vistage and our Chairs helps all of us achieve far greater growth and success than we could achieve individually.

Bariso’s next trend of globalization hits home for us, both in the search for talent and in our goal to have a more robust international community. Both of these present challenges for us, but as a company we face challenges to get the outcomes we are driving toward.

To face the challenge of globalization we expanded our international team. Our new SVP of International is working to unite best practices from around the world, collaborate with our international partners and subsidiaries to grow our current markets, and explore new opportunities to expand our global reach. As our organization grows internationally, so, too will our team.

Finally, there’s the new standard of a mobile workplace. Vistage has an increasing number of staff members who work from home. They do this either on occasion or full time, and let’s be honest, not everyone is comfortable with it yet. However, as a team we are committed to Trust and by trusting our people to work in a manner that is beneficial for them, I believe they become even more dedicated to our mission.

We encourage you to embrace these trends – freelancers, globalization and mobile – and you’ll find that the war for talent isn’t as daunting as it first appears. How are you working to stay ahead of them?

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